My Favorite Blogs Of 2012......

I could do a HUGE blog post with all of the blogs I follow because I genuinely love them all, but I thought I would attempt to narrow it down to my top 5 to share with you lovely lot! Now these are in no particular order I must add.....

1. One Little Vice written by Angelica.

When I started following Angelica I think she had about 10 followers but now she has loads and they are well deserved, she always has fantastic pictures and her reviews are thorough. She is also a tweetaholic like myself and is always ready for a chat!

2. The Beauty Belle written by Angie.

Again I have been following Angie for forever! She has stacks of personality and always makes her blog posts fun to read!

3. A Thrifty Mrs written by A Thrifty Mrs.

This lady has a mass of followers and I can see why, she has the best money saving tips EVER! I just wish I was as creative as her!

4. Beauty And The Books written by Jo-Anne.

I have met Jo quite a few times and she is amazingly lovely, we met eachother once and that was it, friends for life! Her blog is well written and she always has something new to tell you about! Love you Jo!

5. Honey Go-Lightly written by Sam.

I am not the most fashionable person in the world, give me makeup and i'm in heaven, make me pick out an outfit I am in hell. I adore clothes and shopping but I have terrible fashion sense, that's why I love reading Sam's blog, she looks super fashionable alllll of the time which helps me with ideas of what goes with what! She also sells clothes on ASOS!

I have so so so many more I could mention but it would be a long blog post!

I would love to know your favorite blogs this year!




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