How Do You Groom Your Brows.....?

Lately everyone has gone brow mad, and I must admit I have become a groomed brow-o-holic! I started off my brow grooming quest by using MeMeMe's Arch angel (which I have reviewed here) and I adore it but recently I have been using this fantastic bit of kit.....

Benefit Brow Zings* RRP £23.50.

This compact contains brow wax, brow powder and a little brush and tweezers to help you get the look, I have been religiously using this product for the last 2 weeks and it has definitely become my must-have beauty product.

You apply the brow wax to groom your brows and then apply the powder in any places that are looking slightly sparse, in my case most places!!! I have taken before and after pictures which show the difference but this was a quick running out of the door attempt so they could be better but it gives you an idea of how it works.....

This takes a matter of seconds to apply and is just fantastic, it stays put all day too thanks to the brow wax!!

How do you groom your brows?




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