Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid.....

I recently received this hair product from Hairtrade who are one of the world’s leading professional online suppliers of Hair Extensions & Beauty Products. I had never been on the site until the lovely Laura contacted me and suprisingly they sell allllllsorts including beauty products and perfume! So the product I have been testing out is Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid RRP £15.93 - Hairtrades price £11.15.

It is a good sized bottle with 125ml of product inside and is dispensed by a pump lid.

This highly concentrated moisture formula provides instant smoothness and reconstructing anti-frizz effect. Micro layers protect your hair from external damage, to leave it manageable with a silky shine.

On the bottle it says it can be used on towel dried or dry hair, now as I don't really like putting to much product onto my hair when it's dry I applied it to towel dried hair and as I started to dry it it felt slightly dry but when I had styled it as I usually do my hair did feel silky smooth and smelt delicious, almost floral but no too strong!

I would say the one down side to the product is the overall look , it reminds me of something I used to see in my aunties hairdressers when I was about 5 (a whole 20 years ago eekkkk!) but I suppose if the product works who cares.

Have you ever used or ever heard of Goldwell?




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