Surprise Passion - MUA Shade 2.....

Until I got my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in shade Crush a few months ago (post here), I hated (or was scared of) darker lipsticks, I would apply them in the house, think they looked OK then would wipe it off before leaving the house. I would get so annoyed that I had bought something I wasn't brave enough to wear outside of the house (don't I sound daft lol). My Revlon Balm Stain, I don't know how or why, changed that, and I have been loving wearing Crush all the time.

While I was on my budget shopping trip (post here) I saw this shade from MUA.....

I dislike that this lipstick hasn't got a name as it deserves one so I am calling it 'Surprise Passion'. Surprise passion is a very different lipstick, it looks a deep plum/dark red but when applied it is really vibrant but in a strange wearable way, I have taken pictures with and without a flash as it has different tones to it. Without flash.....

It's a cool purple and with flash.....

(Not too sure why my lips look swollen here??)

It has bright pink thrown into it. I just adore it, I didn't think I would but I can't stop looking at it! The formula is really creamy without being glossy.

What do you think?




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