MUA Glamour Days.....

If you read my post on Tuesday you will know I had a little MUA haul recently taking advantage of their 35% OFF offer and one of the items I picked up was this beauuuutiful eyeshadow palette.....

This palette is called Glamour Days.

I already own the famous Undressed palette so I started looking through the other palettes on their website and I wanted something slightly brighter than undressed but a palette I will be able to use day and night so Glamour days seemed perfect.....

It has some matte shades and some shimmery shades and like my other MUA palette the shades are highly pigmented and such amazing value for money, the one down side is still the same as when I reviewed the Undressed palette is the applicator as it causes so much fall out and to be honest I would rather not have it at all, but seen as the palette is a tiny weeny price at £4.00 I can't complain!

What do you think of Glamour days?




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