Is Your Other Half Good At Buying Presents.....?

As a blogger you get lots of companies contacting you asking to check out their website, usually unless it is beauty related I don't bother but I have made an exception for this website.* is a website for the men (or women) in our lifes to help and guide them buy us fussy lot the perect gift. I know from experience, that men find it hard to buy presents for women. I know my boyfriend knows I love makeup but that's as far as it goes, when it comes to brands etc he would not have a clue, why would he when he has the xbox and football to worry about!

So this website helps them get ideas for fabulous gifts and then once he has narrowed some ideas down he can ask her friends what they think via email, facebook or twitter without the lady in question ever knowing, cool right?

I have had a browse of the website myself (while showing/hinting to my other half) and they have some fabulous present ideas, you can even take a idea test answering general questions about the lady in question and they will give you some inspiration!

  Here is a little selection from L-R Flights of Nancy Yellow satchel, Pretty Dandy cushion and Pickled Ruby paperweight.

So what are you waiting for, get your other half on this website, have a play around yourself to see how it works and drool over the fab gifts that could be in your stocking this year!

Is your other half good at buying presents, I would LOVE to know.....




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