Freebies and Samples.....

There are some fab freebies to be had at the moment so I thought I would list the ones I have found.....

1. Some or all of you may know that Glamour have teamed up with Nails Inc to offer us a FREE full sized polish from a choice of 4 shades. Glamour magazine costs £2.00 and a Nails Inc polish costs £11.00 so I ran to Tesco and bought 2.....

And if the nail polish wasn't enough, this months mag is packed with samples!!!

2. Maybelline have released their new foundation called Fit Me - 'Featuring our first gel foundation made with no waxes and fillers'.

You can get a FREE 7 day sample of a shade of your choice here -!/MaybellineUK?fref=ts.

3. L'Oreal are giving away sample packs of their Revitalift BB cream again, each pack contains 3 decent sized sachets but they only have shade Medium.

To claim your sample use this link -

4. Fancy a sample of one of four Hugo Boss fragrances? I know I do, I love having little samples in my handbag, saves me carrying around full sized bottles!

Get your sample here -

5. Free shampoo and conditioner anyone? L'Oreal are giving away samples of their EverPure shampoo and conditioners here - and they are also giving away samples of their Triple Resist shampoo and conditioners which you can find here -

And that's it for today, if I come across anymore fabulous freebies I will keep you updated! Have you got any fab freebies recently?




  1. I am on the hunt for this months Glamour. Ive been into 3 shops & they have none left. I am hoping to track a few copies down. I need to get my hands on that nail polish! Such a great freebie

    1. Oh no, we had loads. If you stuggle let me know and I could pick you some up.


  2. Someone say Nails Inc.?!?! I'm going now!



  3. love the fit me foundation ! one of the best drugstore foundations

    xx Liyana
    PS: I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging.


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