Do You Support Your Local Charity Shops.....

Recently I have become a charity shop lover!! After reading blogs on how to save money I needed to get myself into these shops, I would read that others had found the most amazing things at the most amazing prices and I wanted in!!

I will admit I never used to go into charity shops and my imagination had built this picture in my head of them being filled with junk, well how wrong I was!

My local Cancer ResearchUK is fantastic, I have picked up some amazing tops and jumpers and they are always around the £3-£5 mark (I also picked up a huuge casserole dish for £2.50 - boring but i was chuffed to bits lol) but today I am going to show you this little beauty....

This gorgeous glass bowl cost me £1.50, now why does this tie into beauty I hear you ask?????

Well as my current makeup brush holder (which was made by the lovely Karen *waves at Karen*) is getting full I needed another one so this is it.....

What do you think? Cute right?

Do you shop in your local charity shops? Have you ever found a complete bargain as I would love to know about it!!




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