Conk Face Mask.....?

About a month ago I heard of a face mask online called Conk, it is described as a peel off mask that rids blackheads so I needed to test some out. The packs are from Hong Kong and you can only buy it from Ebay (I think) they cost 99p FREE delivery.....

Inside each pack you get 10 sachets which contain 1-2 masks, these are to be applied on your t-zone or where ever you suffer from blackheads, a work of warning if you do buy these do not apply to the whole face (you will find out why.....)

Anyway before I applied the mask I steamed my face to open up my pores and then I opened the sachet to find what I can only describe as a black tar.....

It is super thick and sticks to everything so get ready to make a mess, I applied it to my blackhead prone places on my face, trying to get it off my hands was a nightmare, my sink looked like a mechanic had washed his hands in my bathroom! So then I waited.....

Attractive right?

After what felt like an age (about half an hour) it was completely dry, this is a mask that you peel off so I grabbed one corner and started to peel, as I did my eyes started watering and I could feel the tiny hairs being pulled out of my face, ouch! After a fit of giggles/crying with pain I had it off and inspected for blackheads, there were some but mostly hairs! I think this is better suited to people with larger pores, my pores are blackhead prone but they are very small.

Would I buy these again? Possibly but in the meantime I will use the sachets I have for when I am having a bad skin day, my skin did feel silky smooth once I had gotten over the pain!

Have you heard of or tried these?




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