Budgeting My Beauty Spend.....

We are in November, how the hell did that happen?!

Before we know it it will be Christmas and I am not organised. At.All. So in the weeks running up to Christmas I have decided to budget what I spend on beauty products. I have seen lots of bloggers doing 'Spending Bans' and I just know I couldn't do that so my weekly budget is a strict £10, if I don't spend it all, it can be carried over to the next week. I set myself this budget last week and I have become bargain/reduced/offers obsessed! Here is what I picked up this week.....

I walked into Boots and all of there beauty products are on 'buy one get one half price' and these Collection goodies caught my eye. I got a Cover Up Stick (£1.99) in shade light and a gorgeous little blush (£2.99) in shade Bashful.

How cute is that pattern, the blush is such a great shade for everyday wear for that warm winter glow! For both it cost me £3.98!

Then I went into Superdrug where all of their products are on 3 for 2 so I picked up some (more) MUA products, I only bought some MUA lipsticks last week but I had my eye on a few more shades.....

2 MUA Lipsticks, one in shade 7 and the other I am going to show you in another post as it is fabulous and needs it's very own post! I also picked up a brow pencil, I love how MUA have pencil sharpeners on the lids of their pencils such a fabulous idea. So here I spent £2.00?!?!

Shade 7 is a nudey pink which is very versatile, it could be worn day or night and it's nice and glossy!

So that was my spend this week, a grand total of £5.98 so I have £4.02 left over to add to my spends this week!

Are you trying to save some money in the run up to Christmas?




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