Budgeting My Beauty Spend #3.....

Big big apologies for me going missing for the past week or so, I am having a super stressful time with my house (LONG story) and have been working soooo much for extra pennies for Christmas, but I am back!


As most of you lovely lot will know, MUA had a 35% OFF everything sale so I took full advantage of this and picked up some bits and pieces. People were going crazy for this sale and poor MUA's website crashed for quite some time but when it was back up and running I managed to bag the bits I had my eye on (phew I thought they would be out of stock) so here is what I got.....

Eyeshadow Palette in Glamour Days RRP £4.00
Eye Primer RRP £3.00
4 x Lipsticks RRP £1.00 each.
BB Cream RRP £4.00.
Mascara RRP £3.00.

Now with the 35% Discount my order altogether cost me a bargainous £11.70 with FREE delivery for spending over £10.00!!! This is slightly over my £10.00 weekly spend but seen as I have saved on other weeks I thought I could allow myself to go slightly over.

To find out about great offers and discounts like this from MUA and all of your favourite brands I would highly recommend 'like'ing them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

I will review each product individually over the next few weeks, I am super excited to share with you my goodies!!

Did you pick anything up?




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