Budgeting My Beauty Spend #2.....

I am a little late posting this as I have been super busy so this is last weeks spend - If you read my first 'Budgeting My Beauty Spend' post you will know that in the run up to Christmas I am allowing myself a £10 beauty spend each week. I was very good this week and only picked up 2 items, one of which I wish I hadn't bothered.....

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish £4.99.
Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer £2.99.

I bought them both from Boots while they still have the buy one get one half price offer on, so they cost me £6.48  .

I have to say the nail polish is just rubbish, I am soooooo disappointed!

This picture above (as rubbish as the lighting is) shows one coat, now I know some polishes take a few coats but I got to 4 coats and it STILL wasn't opaque so I gave up, which is such a shame as it is a gorgeous metal effect, I think I will test it over another polish but to be honest I doubt it will have the same effect as what it shows in the bottle. Anyway onto my bargain buy.....

I had heard lots of beauty bloggers raving about the Collection concealer and I adore it, if you can't afford the famous YSL Touch Eclat then get your mitts on this, it's a soft brush that applies the concealer with a twisty bottom to dispense it, the texture is lovely and it has a subtle glow while covering up a multiple of sins (yes I am talking to you dark circles!).

Have you tried any of these products?




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