Urban Decay Loose Pigments.....

Surprisingly I have never tried an Urban Decay Loose Pigment so when I saw some on Ebay (genuine thankfully) I bought them.....

I bought 3 of the pigments for a bargainous £2.51! The shades I  bought are.....

Shattered - A turquoise blue, Graffiti - A shimmery grass green and Asphyxia - A pinky purple. The packaging is quite large for the 1g of product you actually get.

I really like the pigmentation of the product and the subtle shimmer really catches the light without being too 'in your face' but it has one huge downfall....

The application is awful. The brush that comes in the lid of the product is a hard short brush that flicks the product around and with the design of the pretty packaging being long and thin it means I would struggle getting my own brush in there, meaning I would have to tip the pigment out to use it with my own brush *sigh*.

Despite this, I will use 2 of the shades (Shattered & Graffiti), I may make a mess in the process but I do like the quality of the actual product. Maybe I should try UD's palettes next time instead of the loose pigments.

From what I can gather, UD will be discontinuing these pigments (I can see why) as I can only find 2 shades on the Debenhams website. If you bought one of these from UD they would cost you £11 each but there are several websites on the internet selling discontinued shades etc for £3+.

Have you tried these?




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