Pamper Day Ft Lush Party Popper.....

Today I have a day off work and with me being full of a cold still I knew exactly what I wanted to do.....Pamper myself!

I went out this morning for a little shopping trip (I will show you some more of my goodies tomorrow) and picked up a LUSH Party Popper.....

Party Popper is a bath ballistic which costs £2.95.

'This fruity, fizzy party piece is a movable feast of delights. Contains everything you need for a celebration in your own bathtub.
Drop a Party Popper cone in your bath and watch it spin into action, as it goes on a spree across your bath spreading colours, fragrance, popping candy and soap confetti.  Softening your bathwater, fragrancing your skin and washing you clean.'

I then ran a bath and popped on my FAVOURITE face mask at the moment.....

I reviewed this face mask here and I just adore it!

Now, lets see party popper in action.....

When you drop it in it immediately starts spinning like crazy!! Close up you can see the confetti exploding out of it.....

My bath was left a pretty pink shade full of confetti and it smelt lovely not overpowering just really fruity and relaxing. My skin feels lovely and soft now!

The only downside was my Party Popper didin't have much popping candy in it so it was quite quiet (the guy it the LUSH store said it's really loud) but nevermind that was just a novelty!

I now feel nice and relaxed, I am sat with a bag of pic'n'mix and my laptop and I am going to spend the afternoon catching up on my fave blogs.

Have you tried any of these products I have used?




  1. all of those products look AMAZING! xxx

  2. I want to try this party popper, it sounds amazing!

    The Style Rawr!

    1. It was fun to watch and very lovely to relax in :)


  3. Wow, I would love to buy the party popper just to see it at action!



  4. I love the green version of this face mask!!! Xx

  5. One word: AWESOME!! I totally need to try this out!!

    I have a great discount code on Motel Rocks available for readers of my blog. Please do check it out on my blog hun if you get time :) Thank you xxx


  6. I love the party popper, its my favourite christmas product we have this year. The reason you will have been told its really loud is because in the demo bowls we use its a lot more concentrated so they pop like mad, I can tell when someones showing one off from the other side of the store haha. xx


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