If you read my post yesterday you will know I had a little LUSH haul and this strange product was the one I was most excited try.....

FUN - £5.00 for 200g.

This is a 4 in 1 multi purpose 'play dough' (that is the only way to describe it) that you can use for your hair, body, for bubbles in your bath and even to wash your clothes apparently!! 

It comes wrapped up in biodegradable cellophane and is a HUGE sausage shape. I picked FUN RED (I know it's orange but with them being lovingly handmade colours vary) which is.....
'Mandarin and orange essential oils will make you think of sunny orange groves and freshly squeezed juice. Brings a bit of summer sun to your bath and play time'.

It smells delicious, I chose this one as this was the stronger scented one to me and I love it.

 They also come in BLUE (lavender and chamomile), GREEN (lime and lemon), PINK (fruity candy scent) and YELLOW (vanilla).

So let's play with it.....

You literally tear a bit off and have a play, it's like being a kid again, I did start making a FUN man but he went horribly wrong so I played it safe with a ball (LOL). I used it as a body cleanser in the shower, i broke off a small amount and lathered it up between my hands (this is the best way to use it, lather up in hands then rub onto yourself), to my surprise it lathered really well and left a smooth pink foam on my body, as I was rinsing it off I could feel the essential oils on my skin which made it super soft.

After using a tiny amount in comparison to the whole thing, I can tell this will last me a while and for £5.00 it really is a bargain buy and very different. Also 10p of every one sold goes to FunD (I have posted a post from the LUSH website below if you would like to know more about FunD).

So, will you be picking one of these up? I have my eye on Green and Yellow next.....well if it's for a good cause why not collect them all.....



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