I Love This Product But.....

I received this product in a Joliebox a few months ago and love it but it is not very practical at all which is making me dislike it!

Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting RRP £10.00 for 15ml.

I have heard of Jelly Pong Pong but this is the first product I have used from their range. The lip gloss is super creamy and feels a delight on the lips, it also smells amazing 'This cream is perfect for all occasions. Scented in homemade pavlova, use it on lips for a tint of colour and on cheeks for a lit from within glow.'

I love the actual product it looks really pretty on the lips (I haven't tried it on my cheeks as I think it would look too glossy for cheeks).....

BUT, it is not very practical at all! It has no applicator or even a plastic cover over the end to gently squeeze and apply to lips.....

So it can end up VERY messy.....

Yes I could use a lip brush but how messy would that be carrying a glossed up lip brush in my bag. It dispenses far too much product even when you squeeze gently.

So as much as I do like this product, the practicality of it puts me off buying another shade. Sorry Jelly Pong Pong.

Have you tried anything from the Jelly Pong Pong range?

Do you choose practicality over quality of the product?




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