Bargainista #1.....

I have decided to do a series of ongoing posts called ^Bargainista^. Today I have found some amazing bargains that I thought I would share with you (I have found some amazing clothes but I will do those in a seperate post).

I don't know about you but I am terrible for seeing a reduced stand in a shop and glancing and thinking 'it will all be rubbish' but today, in Boots, just as I was leaving I saw the reduced stand and it caught my eye, and oh gosh I am so happy I did!!

I got.....

Front Cover Palette - The reduced label said £1.25, which I thought was fab but when I got to the till it was 31p!!!!! I then bought 2 eye shadows to go inside (I am going back tomorrow to get 2 more shades as they said they had more shades in the back which needed to be sorted), I picked Sunray and Black Ink, these were both labelled £1.00 and again when they were put through the till they were 25p EACH!!!

I have never tried Front Cover makeup so I am excited about trying it out, I will do a review when I have.

Then this caught my eye.....

Best Of British Nail Polish Trio from 17 - This again was labelled £2.00 and went through the till at £1.50!! Bargain for 3 polishes!!

Next I picked up a face scrub for my other half, it's a 50ml pre shave scrub from The Real Shave Co and cost me £1.00, and this cute sized hand cream by Neutrogena I thought would be perfect for popping into my handbag was 21p!! A total spend of £3.65!!

So I have learnt a valuable lesson today. Never EVER walk past the reduced section without a rummage.

What bargains have you found in a reduced section?




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