My Love/Hate Relationship With Glitter Nail Polish.....

I love glitter nail polish, like seriously love it, but once the polish starts to chip I have to think about taking it off and that is when the hate starts to kick in, I have tried so many things to make removing glitter polish a stress free process, but I have never found a solution.

It made me so angry one day I decided to get rid of every glitter polish I own. Drastic I know, but trying to take it off infuriates me, you soak a cotton wool pad try and soak your nail and gently rub.....well the cotton sticks to the glitter and you end up with hairy nails, I have even tried the extreme and tried to gently file it off (stupid I know) so when I read on a blog post a few weeks ago about a fab looking idea I just had to try it out.

Yesterday I posted about my new gorgeous W7 sprinkle polish, I thought I could use my new Twist & Out from Poundland to remove it and this is what happened......

The same as most techniques I have used, the base polish is removed and that pesky glitter remains! So if you want a stress free way to remove the oh so beautiful polish you will need.....

Some cotton wool pads, nail varnish remover and some tin foil.

Firstly you soak a cotton wool pad in the nail varnish remover and wrap around the nail.....

Then cut a square of foil (enough to wrap around your finger) and securely wrap around the cotton wool like so.....

And repeat (I'm sure you get the picture).

So I then left these tin foil wraps on for around ten minutes (my boyfriend thought I had lost the plot!) and then I gently twisted and removed and here is the result.....

I am honestly over the moon! My love for glitter polish can flourish again! Now I do know you can buy mitts that do exactly the same as this method but surely this DIY method saves us a few £'s?

Have you tried this? How do you get glitter polish off and please tell me the removal of it infuriates you as much as it does me!




  1. I hate it when that happens. I bought a tub of acrylic nail remover from boots that you just just put your finger in and twist it a couple of times and it's all off.

    Emily x

  2. This is such a great tip! I always hate taking off glitter nail polish!! :


  3. I just pick my glitter nail varnish off, how bad is that?! haha


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