Market Bargain - Lava Flow.....

Nails Inc have a new range called Sprinkles and I really wanted one but at £11.00 a bottle it is too steep for a polish I will only wear every now and again! So when I was reading Angies blog she said she picked up a much cheaper version.....

W7 Nail Polish - This cost me £1.50 from my local market!!

It's a white base with red and navy sprinkles of glitter called Lava Flow, I noticed on the market stall they also had another one called Sat and Pepper which is a white base with black glitter.

I have never owned a W7 nail polish, I have looked at them before, they caught my eye one day as they are shaped exactly like an OPI nail polish but to me the consistency always looked quite thin, how wrong I was.....

The polish itself was a good consistency and really easy to apply, the glitter stayed in place unlike other glitter polishes I have tried in the past where you have to kind of dab the glitter on to make it stay! This next picture is after 2 coats, it is fully opaque and dries surprisingly quickly!

I really really like the sprinkled look!

Have you tried a W7 nail polish before?

Do you like the Sprinkled effect?




  1. I love it!! Encouraged so many of my friends to buy it cos i love it so much, glad you like it too, you should try the blue one, Mosaic, off Amazon too, that's gorgeous :)

  2. I want this so much, it's a geology related polish, I must own it! Where abouts in the country did you find this?

    1. It was at my local matrket in Chester, I think you can order them from Amazon too!


  3. That looks so good. For £1.50 its a complete bargain & something i shall be hunting down

  4. I want this so badly,I saw swatches of the salt & pepper nail polish on freshbeautyxox's blog & loved it!xx

  5. This is such a lovely nail polish colour!

    Kelsey xx

  6. These are fab dupes! I reviewed all three shades on my blog. The blue one is gorgeous, you can buy them from Nail Polish Direct for £1.99 and free delivery.


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