Greek Treats.....

On the last day of my holiday I realised I hadn't purchased anything to bring home with me (must have been having too much fun!) so off I went to pick up some goodies on a budget with my last few euros, and here is what I got.....

Olive's Secret Olive Oil Soap.

The Greeks always have amazing skin due to their wonderful healthy diet and they use olive oil for everything, cooking, face, body and hair so I had to pick up some of this soap to test out, one is infused with Pomegranate and the other with grape, I can't wait to test them out! I also got some edible treats too.....

A big bottle of Zakynthos olive oil, I have a slight obsession with bread, oils and balsamic vinegar at the moment it's just sooooo delicious! I also got a sun dried tomato paste which you can top on crunchy bread, yum!

Not alot of treats but I was on a minimal budget after spending far too much money on food and wine (and a few cocktails too).




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