Essie Nail Polish Bargains.....

Yesterday I visited my local market make up stall to look through the W7 polishes as I had my eye on one called Salt and Pepper (Nails Inc dupe which I posted about here if you fancy a read) and instead of finding it I found these.....

4 Essie polishes in shades (from L-R) Case Study, Carry On, Orange, It's Obvious and To Buy Or Not To Buy (This shade hardly looks visible in the sun but it is an opaque light lilac with a darker purple shimmer).

These cost me.....£1.50 EACH! I couldn't believe it! I know some of these shades are available on sites like Fragrance direct for £2-£3 but you would have to pay for delivery so I was made up with this absolute bargain!

Today here in Chester the sun is beaming but it is absolutely freezing so I thought I would test out Case Study, an almost mushroom shade, a very practical neutral everyday shade, it took one coat to be 90% opaque and as I am having a lazy day sat here in my skinny jeans and printed t-shirt, I thought this would be perfect.....

I will review each shade individually as I wear them. Don't you just love finding little bargains like this, I bet the lady on the market stall saw my little eyes light up like a kid in a sweet shop!




  1. I am so jealous! I really want to try some of these, as they are on fragrance direct for £1.99! But I am currently on a spending ban, so I think afterwards I will be ordering loads of these hehe, I wish I had a market near me :) xx

  2. I only managed to get Navigate Her which I really wanted and Vanity Fairest, which is nice.
    They only had two pinks and an orange, which I didn't like at all. I did ask and they said they are on their order form/planning to order, so I might have to make weekly trips to find out.
    I was surprised they were the new style brushes, I just assumed they'd be old style stock. Quite amazing. Hope they get the other colours I'm currently desperate for. Even ebay is a tad expensive.


  3. Oh where they in the market? I always forgot to have a look at the maekup stall!

    1. In the indoor market, if you go straight in past the smelly butchers and turn letf then keep going :)



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