£2 Primark Palette.....

I had a little shop in Primark yesterday for last minute holiday buys, I went in for a bikini and all they had left was bikini bottoms (nightmare) anyway I picked up the usual face wipes and a few nail polish remover pads and I saw this.....

Primark Beauty Eye Shadow Palette £2.00.

I opened the palette and I instantly had to have it, it's a cute little box with a mirror in the lid with 10 stunning looking shadows that reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked palettes.....

The outside packaging is sturdy, you can remove the eye shadows and it's a cute little box! The inside packaging where the eye shadows sit is just made from thin card which is a bit rubbish really but for £2.00 I can't complain. Inside each shadow has a cute name.....

I started swatching them on my arm.....

The pigmentation of half of the shadows mainly the matte shades are, well, rubbish, the metallic shades are quite well pigmented and stay on much longer than the matte shades. All in all it's a cute little palette that I would possibly take on holiday but will I be using it on a regular basis? I doubt it.

Have you tried any of the Primark make up range? What do you think of it?




  1. Super star and stormy night look really nice! Not a bad palette for £2 x

  2. I have only tried their nail polish - thats hit and miss. But Ive had some good shades. I havent tried any makeup for my face - but ive heard some good things about their lipsticks.
    The packaging is cute - some of the colours look really nice. Not back for £2

  3. Everything in primark is hit or miss lol! ...leggings argh fit around the waist then the legs after a few wears go shaggy lol!! joys of cheap clothing! x

  4. It looks cute for £2, I wouldn't pick it up because it's so bulky! The shades look pretty though and certainly good for £2 and they have names!? Rarely does cheap makeup have names.

    Lucy x

  5. The package is so lovely!!! And the eyeshadows are very pretty :)


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