Poundland Nails.....

There is quite a buzz in the blogosphere around Poundland at the moment, when us beauty lovers spotted them selling Stila products for...you guessed it...£1!! I posted about which Stila products I got my mitts on here.

As I was passing Poundland the otherday I had to have a little nosey and found some fabulous buys.....

Revlon nail polish in Tropical Temptation £1 - This shade is really hard to photograph, it's almost a neon coral colour which I thought would be perfect for my holidays (which is in 2 weeks eeeeee!), I really like Revlon polishes, the ones I have used have been opaque in one coat and last reasonably well.....

I also picked up this.....

You probably think this reminds you of another product that people were talking about recently, Bourjois are selling a nail polish remover very very similar to this, the only difference is the price, this cost me £1 and I think the bourjois one is selling for around the £5 mark (ridiculous for a nail varnish remover if you ask me!) Let's see it in action.....

The nail polish remover soaked sponge has a small slit in it where you insert you finger, like so.....

Twist your finger round once, and tadaaaah.....

I think this is a fab idea, and for £1 it's an absolute steal!

Have you been to Poundland yet?




  1. That looks a fab dupe for the Bourjois nail polish remover! For £1 its a complete bargain. I have found some lovely makeup items in there over the past few months. Its great

    1. I have my eye on a few other 'dupes' from poundland so watch this space :)


  2. I love the colour of the nail polish... I need to go and check out my local Poundland and see if I can find some Revlon!

    Frances xx


  3. Love this shade of nail polish! Can't complain at £1 either

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. I need to get to pound land, I've not been in ages and i seem to be missing out on serious beauty bargains! That nail polish is a gorgeous shade x

  5. Cant believe you nabbed this for £1! It reminds me of my orly shade thats probably 10 times the amount! Great find and its such a cute colour x


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