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So ladies this is the first of my guest bloggers, the lovely Jo who writes Beauty and the Books. I have met Jo twice and she is super lovely!! Here blog is also awesome (a beauty addict like us all) she also has lots of different posts including yummy food!!!
Hi everyone! 
I'd like to say a big thank you to Emma for letting me write a guest post for her blog, this is the first time I have written a post for someone elses blog and it's actually quite nerve-wracking! I don't want to let Emma down!

I decided to review these hand and foot treatments.  I got these a couple of months ago and I have been waiting for a spare hour where I could have a bit of pamper time. I had last week off work and we did quite a bit of walking so my feet definitely needed a bit of TLC.

The treatments come in a foil pack. The pack contains two booties and the treatment takes 20 minutes.

The booties are enriched with Vitamin E and Gingko Biloba to help sooth and soften dry, rough and chapped feet.

They look a bit strange don't they!

They consist of an inner layer of soft material which is saturated in the moisture treatment, then an outer plastic layer that keeps the moisture in and stops any mess!

I put them on with my PJ's and sat in bed as I thought the warmth from the duvet would help with the absorption of the cream.

The hand treatments also come in a foil pack. They smell absolutely gorgeous! 

The gloves contain Rose & Shea Butter and are enriched with Collagen and Vitamins.

They are the same as the booties and have two layers.

You just leave them on for 20 minutes, take the gloves/booties off, bin them and that's it!

I will definitely be using both of these products again. They left my hands and feet silky smooth. There was no messy residue left on either my hands or feet, it had all been absorbed into my skin. A nice easy treat! Next time I will put a face mask on too - multi tasking and all that!

You can buy the treatments from Amazon where they retail for £3.99 each. I also think they stock them in Home Bargains.

Have you tried these treatments? What did you think?

Well thank you for reading my review, hope you enjoyed it and if you did then please pop over and have a read of my blog. http://jo-beautyandthebooks.blogspot.co.uk/
Big thanks to Jo for writing this fab post, make sure you have a visit of her blog!



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