Are You A Body Butter Or Body Lotion Girl.....

Up until recently I was definitely 100% a body butter girl, but I have found 2 perfect body lotions for me, the first is one I received in a overseas swap which I arranged a while back it has to be my all time favourite lotion, ever! It smells like heaven, Secret Wonderland from the signature collection from Bath & Body Works.....

Unfortunately we don't have Bath & Body Works stores in the UK and the website does not give an option to post to the UK either (WHY OH WHY?!?!) but after a quick google I have found a few UK websites that sell Bath & Body Works, the results page is here - the reason I love this body lotion so much is not only the scent (think sweeties with a slight hint of berries, it's so difficult to describe) but it is soooooo long lasting, I applied some to my arms and chest at around 7.30am this morning and the smell is still lingering at 4pm, obviously not as strong but it's still there! I have nearly ran out of my 88ml bottle so I will have to do some serious searching to find some more! Have you ever tried Bath & Body Works?

The next lotion is readily available in the UK and I think worldwide, it's The Body Shop Watermelon Pasteque body lotion.....

When I posted about this (when I bought it) a few of you said you didn't like it as it was too sweet but I love it, I slapped a load on the other day and my boyfriend said I smelt delicious (please note he never notices anything like this!) this whopping 250ml bottle cost me a tiny £2.00 in the sale, it soaks in beautifully and leaves my skin really soft, this was a huge bargain!

So what are your favourite lotions or butters? What do I need to try next?




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