Another Blush To Add To My Collection.....

Hurray!!! I have my camera back finally so no more fuzzy photos!!


I don't know what it is about blushers but I love them and have far far too many of them! I definitly don't need to buy more but I just can't help myself. Please tell me I am not alone on this, what makeup item do you hoard? Anyway..... 

My new obsession is Sleek blushers, I recently posted about Rose Gold and Sunrise which you can read here.

Love the packaging and there is a little mirror in the lid, very handy!

My newest one is.....


It's a gorgeous deep deep pink with a very light silver shimmer running through it. As I have said before Sleek blushes are such amazing quality for a tiny £4.29 price tag.

Hhhhhmmmmm which to get next?




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