My New Handbag & What's Inside It.....

I recently posted about Stylistpick having a fabulous sale, well I took advantage and ordered a new handbag, her name is Kate, don't worry I am not going mad naming my handbag, Stylistpick name all of their items with cute names.....

I ordered on Saturday and it arrived 9.00am this morning which I think is wonderful as the postage was free and always is from them, they also do free returns. This was a bargainous £15.00 and it's massive, just what I wanted!

Inside there is tons of room for all my bits and pieces.....

So as I was transfering from one bag to my gorgeous new one I thought I would give you a peek at some of the essentials in my bag.....

First of all, every girl needs 2 very important things, purse and phone! I have had my purse for quite sometime now, my boyfriend bought it for me the christams before last, I should really update it but I just can't I love it too much, it's from Debenhams and despite it's age is in great nick! My phone is a Blackberry which likes to freeze, turn itself off and generally drive me mad so this WILL be getting updated very soon.....

I don't like to carry expensive makeup with me all of the time as I worry it will get broken, I have started carrying my Lash Genius with me it's brilliant and I posted about it here. I also always carry perfume cards in my bag too just to make it smell nice, I recently had a spritz of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh and it is divine!

Paracetamol, hair bobble, tweezers, keys, nail polish remover pads, mini sewing kit - even though I can't sew(!)pens, nail hardener and the little bottle at the top of the picture is Milk Thistle which you can buy from most chemists, it is my all time hangover cure (must keep this with me at all times).

My handbag will not stay this tidy/empty!

Lots of different perfumes, Suddenly Madame Glamour this is my 3rd bottle and I reviewed it here, this perfume is the biggest bargain of the century and a MUST HAVE! Jo Malone Red Roses which I won on Mona's blog (thank you Mona). A little bottle I found in Debenhams by Floozie in 'flavour' cookie it's a yummy scent. A small sample of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb which is amazing and I must invest in a full size bottle. And my all time favourite body lotion Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland.

I am going to post the picture of my bag and contents on What's In My Handbag and while i'm there have a nosey at other peoples bags!

If you haven't joined What's In My Handbag you can do so here.

Also if you want to catch the Stylistpick sale while it's still live click below.




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