My Free Glossybox.....

On Wednesday I posted about my first ever Glossybox which you can read about here, I told you I had a code for a free box and this is what I got.....

This is one of their previous boxes from April called the Eco-box, I absolutely love the packaging, instead of the usual pink box it's all very neautral. Here is what's inside.....

Inka Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner I got it in an emerald green shade which suprisingly I really like, this is the full sized product costing £11.75.

Next another item from Monu (I got a Monu item in my July box) Enriched Body Cream - I am not to keen on the smell of this so doubt I will use it, maybe it could be a foot cream??? This sample is 30ml making it worth £3.45.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum - Again, like I said in my previous post I have a ton of skincare to try at the moment thanks to Ren so this may sit unloved for a while. This is a 10ml sample in a huge bottle (for a 10ml sample?!) and it's worth £9.66!!!

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm - Nice little item, full sized and costs £3.29.

Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm - I am happy to test this out, anything that claims to make my hair straighter is definitely worth a go. This sample is worth £1.43.

Overall I much prefer the July Glossybox but this was a lovely freebie!!

Did you get a free box?




  1. This is a lovely beauty box, i'm really starting to consider cancelling my subscription to Joliebox to get one for Glossybox instead. The presentation and content both seem so much better!

    1. They are much better than JB in my opinion but like I said in my previous post they have slight issues with making 'fair' boxes :s decisions decisions.....


  2. I really liked this glossybox. I was sad when the Caudalie SOS serum ran out as i cant afford the full size yet & i really enjoyed using the Figs & Rouge lip balm.

  3. I wish they had something like this where i lived! looks amazing!
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and cant wait to see future posts.

  4. I love the idea of the beauty boxes, but I must admit I'm hesitant to try them. Although saying that I would LOVE to try the beauty army one, as you are able to pick the samples they send you. If Glossy box and the other beauty boxes did that, I would sign up before they could even say "beauty box." I would really like to try the lip balm, the packaging alone sells it for me! What did you think of it?

    Chris x


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