My First Ever Glossybox - Q. Why Have I Not Subscribed Before?.....


Well the simple answer is because I have always looked on different blogs to see how good the contents of Glossybox are and they have serious issues with 'fair' boxes, what do I mean by that? Well everyone pays £10.00 + £2.95 P+P but they have sent month after month boxes with huge variation in prices, for example some people would receive a box worth £20 (based on RRP per ml etc) and the same month others would receive a box worth £50, which to me is pretty unfair, hence why I have never subscribed before, also people have said and I am not sure how true it is but beauty bloggers receive their boxes early and always the more expensive one, I can assure you this hasn't happened with me, anyway.....

I saw a code flying round for new subscribers which if used you get July's box and a free previous Glossybox (delivered seperatley) so today I received July's Glossybox......

As with all of the beauty boxes this was wrapped beautifully......

Monu Extra Rich Night Cream - This would have been a very welcome sample for me but I have just got my Ren bargains so I have a mountain of moisturiser to get through (read about my Ren bargains here) it's a great 20ml sample worth £14.78.

Collin Resultime Rengenerating Collagen Gel - Again I have tons of skincare but this is a brand I have never heard of before so I will definitely give this a go! This 15ml sample is worth £14.18 (I very much doubt I would spend £47.25 on the full size product, unless it is a super cream!)

Next is Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting - Irish Cream Pavlova - I have never tried this brand and I love this sample already, it is a bright bright pink shimmer gloss which smells amazing, This is the full size product worth £10.00.....

Kryolan Satin Powder Eye Simmer - I have never heard of this brand so it will be great to test it out, this is the full sized product 3g and costs £4.75.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray - I am excited to try this out as I am going camping soon (I know, my boyfriend is dragging me kicking and screaming) so this might come in handy if it's good, it is meant to give you texture and body. This sample is a 25ml spray costing £3.15.

And of bonus product of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Line Works sachets, also if you take your Glossybox card to an Elizabeth Arden counter you will recieve a deluxe sample of this prouct.

Overall I am very happy with my box, but (there had to be a 'but' didn't there) after reading other blogs some people received a HD brow kit which has been in a previous box and is very popular and costs quite alot, I would have loved to try this out! Will I keep this subscription? It will all depend on what I receive in my free box which should be delivered tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled......

Do you sub to Glossybox? What did you get?




  1. I have never subscribed to Glossybox, but after this post I am most deffo going to subcribe!! :)


    1. It's a very good box this month hun, just dissapointed in not getting the HD brows but that is just me being greedy lol!


  2. I am still awaiting my box to be delivered :o( I hope i get the HD brow kit. Its the second time its been in the boxes & i didnt get it last time. So fingers crossed. I look forward to seeing whats in your free box too. Which one did you opt for?

    1. I think the people who didn't get it last time SHOULD have got it this time but I have seen people who have had it twice now :(


  3. That Irish product looks so nice! I love the color you received xx


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