MUA Lipstick Love.....

I keep saying I am trying to save but everytime I go into Superdrug the makeup counters call my name, so I decided to buy some MUA lipsticks, for £1 each I cannot feel guilty about that!!!

MUA lipsticks come is a variety of shades and after testing these 3 that I bought the textures to me feel totally different to each other.....

I picked up shades 4, 7 and 13. One thing I would like to see MUA do is maybe name the shades instead of numbers I think it just sounds nicer naming them? Anyway that's just my opinion. All of the lipsticks have a light vanilla scent, not as strong as MAC but still a very nice smell.

So first up I tried shade 4, which is to look at is a bright barbie pink but I found that it didn't really transfer as bright as I thought it would onto my lips however this is definitely the glossiest of the 3 I picked up.....

Next up I tried shade 7 which is the most wearable shade for me, this was also glossy but not as glossy as shade 4, it felt very moisturising and the colour transfer was fantastic.....

And finally, a shade I would never ever usually go for but I was feeling brave and thought this bright red would be fab for nights out. This was the least glossy of the three but I would not say it is matte at all, the only bad thing about this lipstick is it does stain your lips which is great if you are wearing it for an evening out but not so great if you are not very brave (like me) and wanting to test it out in the day time and change your mind! The colour transfer is exactly as it is to look at.

Everyone should own a few MUA lipsticks to pop into their handbag, at £1 each they are just amazing value for money!

How many MUA lipsticks do you own?




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