July Joliebox.....

After last months fiasco of the June Joliebox turning up in July I thought I had time to cancel it but they had already taken payment for July's box so here it is.....

I really like the JolieMag which they introduced a few months ago, great little read! So the first samples is a very genorous size.....

Wen by Caz Dean Sweet Almond and Mint Cleansing Conditioner 60ml. 

Etat Pur Express Purifying Mask 50ml, I love this sample already you can never have too many face masks right?!

This next sample is and extra gift from Joliebox as there way of apologising for the last box being late.....

Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser 15ml - I am not to sure what Joliebox's deal is with Rose scented things, I would say that 90% of the boxes I have had from them have contained something rose scented! Nice little extra that I will probobaly use.

Jane Iredale Tantasia (This doesn't have the size on it so I am guessing it's 10ml) I don't like this sample as it is a gradual self tanner which I am unsure how you are meant to test a gradual tan with only 10ml?

I was very excited to see these little polishes in my box.....

Nail Girls two mini polishes from the Medal Collection inspired by the Olympics. I got a bronze and a gold.

And another little extra.....

Overall I am quite happy with the box, has it changed my mind to not cancel? Hhhhmmmm I haven't decided yet!




  1. The products look great this month, quite a generous amount. Hope I get the conditioner and face mask in mine, which hopefully will arrive soon! x


    1. They are genorous samples! I haven't tried the face mask yet but I am a face-maskaholic :)


  2. Ours were a little different! Bit sad not to get the moisturiser that's something i'd definitely use. I can't wait to try the almond conditioner out though, it smells so yummy i can't stop opening it!Have you tried anything yet? x
    My review is here if you want to check it out - http://laurenjadem.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. It does smell delicious doesn't it! I really like the packaging of it too, I have only tried the Jane Iredale which I am not to keen on. Checking out your review now :)



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