Argan Hair Oil.....

How did I ever survive without hair oil?

I posted a few weeks ago about my first experience with Ojon hair oil which you can read here. I was sceptical about putting oil in my hair but now it is part of my hair care routine. I loved the Ojon oil but found it was quite pricey so I hunted for a cheaper alternative and I found this.....

Argan Oil Hair Treatment 100ml £9.99 (From Superdug, Boots sell this for £12.99 so if you are going to buy it head to Superdrug to save a few £££) 

Again, like many other hair oils can be used in lots of different ways and has so many benefits.

 I have been using Argan now for 2 weeks. Once a week I use it as a deep treatment mask by using around 8 pumps (it is recommended that you only use around 3-4 pumps for mid length hair but my mane needs more) I massage into dry hair and leave for a good few hours then shampoo as normal.

Any other time in the week I wash my hair as usual then onto my damp hair I rub 2 pumps into my lengths and dry as usual. I have noticed my hair is much much softer and shiner, it also dries ALOT quicker than usual and the general condition of my hair is improving rapidly.

I have tried to show you how much one pump dispenses.....

They are decent sized pumps so originally I thought I would go through loads of the stuff but below I have pictured how much I have used in 2 weeks.....

I think this is fab, and I will definitly be repurchasing when I run out.

What hair oil do you use if any?




  1. I swear by this stuff also! The dearest oil I've used but so worth it. The ends of my hair feel so good. Havent tried leaving it in then washing it out though sounds like a good idea!x


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