Alison Claire Natural Beauty Reader Discount Code - Natural VS Affordability.....

I was recently sent some body samples for the very nice people at Alison Claire.

'The Alison Claire range began as a response to the awareness of possible harmful effects of the chemicals found in mainstream hair and body products. Why take the risk? No fillers, no harsh preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no colours. Just a host of great natural ingredients. Alison Claire lets you take care as nature intended'

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I was sent a sample of their Bergamot & Black Pepper Shower Gel, a lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion and a pot of Mango Body Butter and it got me thinking, is it important to use natural products or is affordability at the top of your list?

The Bergamot & Black Pepper shower gel costs £12.00 for 200ml, for me I wouldn't spend that much on a shower gel but if you do suffer from sensitive skin this brand would be ideal for you and definitley worth the money, the smell is suprisingly nice and could be used by both men and women.

'Enticing bergamot combines with pungent black pepper and natural cleansing ingredients to invigorate and thoroughly cleanse your skin. Lactic acid boosts ceramides and supports the skin’s own natural protective barrier and citric acids help to keep the pH balanced.
With the astringency of meadowsweet balanced by cooling aloe vera and soothing comfrey, even the toughest most hard working skin will feel rejuvenated.' Alison Claire.

The Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion is a great body lotion again costs £12.00 for 200ml, unfortunatley I am not a huge fan of Lavender at all so I tested it once and it seemed nice while applying (they do this body lotion is Mango & Coconut which I think would be devine!).

'For great skin with a flavour of the exotic choose this luxurious lotion. Witch hazel, vegetable glycerine and radish root extract join with the mango butter and coconut oil to moisturiser and condition. Refreshing and protective with the antioxidant potential of mango, vitamin E and marshmallow, and aloe vera to calm, this makes the tropical, totally topical!' Alison Claire.

My favourite product was definietly the Mango Body Butter.....

This body butter is most definitely the best I have ever used, such a small amount goes a long long way and almost sinks into the skin immediately, my skin feels sooooo soft and smells delicious, a real natural mango scent! These cost £15.00 but I am unsure of the size as the website doesn't state it. This is the products I would 100% repurchase.

Alison Claire is quite a new brand and does have a limited collection but I am sure over time it will grow and grow. If you would like to buy anything from Alison Claire just enter code EMMA at the checkout for 10% OFF!!

I would love to know your views on what is important to you when it comes to skincare, do you look for natural products? Or do you prefer affordability/convinience?




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