£1.20 To Dye My Hair.....?

A slight change of post that I was going to post about this evening but I had to show you my bargain find.....

I always dye my hair at home, I used to love going to the hairdressers but I am trying to cut down on costs and with my hair being super thick and long the hairdressers usually see me a mile off and the bill is ridiculous!

Usually my choice of at home hair dye is Nice'n'Easy, this afternoon I looked in the mirror to see this horrible sight.....

Hideous, I know. I have had a bad time recently and my appearance has been the last of my worries, but I need to pick myself up and sort myself out, starting with these god awful roots. Off I went to Boots this afternoon and picked up 2 boxes of Nice'n'Easy (on offer 2 for £10 - I need to use 2 boxes because of the length of my hair) I then went for a browse around Boots and spotted these.....

Boots own hair dye in lightest blonde for a bargainous £1.20 per box!! I just had to test this out for the sake of my blog. £2.40 to do my hair instead of £10, now that's super saving! Inside the box contains the usual 3 elements.....

The packaging is a little dull, but it all goes in the bin anyway so that doesn't bother me at all. The application I noticed a few pros and cons.....


-The smell of this dye is lovely, usually when I dye my hair my eyes are streaming and I can't breathe!
-The gloves that come in the pack are good quality ones, not the ones that feel like super thin sandwich bags.
-I usually have to sit with a fork scratching my head when the dye is on but this one was scratch free!


-The bottle that you squeeze the dye from is quite thick so it's difficult the squeeze.
-The dye is quite thin so it's quite a messy experience.
-The conditioner that comes with the kit is extremely thin and well, useless, I had to recondition my hair once I had washed out Boots' attempt of a conditioner.

So, here is the finished result (unstyled so please excuse the flyaways).....



Now for £2.40 I am quite impressed, I looked on the Boots website to see how much it usually sells for £3.36 which I think is a good price but I don't think I would exchange my Nice'n'Easy as my hair feels quite dried out.

On the other hand I think if I saw it in the clearance secton again and I was trying to save some pennies I would snap it up!

Have you tried this? What hair dye do you use if any?




  1. The colour came out great, and for £1.20. I'm shocked, especially since your hair looked quite dark.
    I know i've used dyes in the past that haven't even slightly changed my hair colour.
    Great find hun.


  2. I used to use Schwartzkoph xxl live ones, the lightest blonde. It completely ruined my hair so now only get it dyed at the hairdressers!x

    1. The XXL Live ones always scare m they look suupper bright :) I'm not brave enough for them.


  3. Wow, what a transformation! Hair-dye gets so expensive especially in the hairdressers, I'll definitely be giving this a go :-)

    Lucy x

    1. It did the job for a total of £2.40 so I am pretty pleased :)



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