Share The Love.....

Recently I have noticed I am reading the same blogs again and again and I have decided to create a TAG post, called Share The Love. People should post blogs they are loving at the moment and who writes their 'Go-To Blogs' also why they love them.

I am going to do this type of post every so often as I love finding new blogs to read so I thought you might like it too.

Share The Love.....

The blogs below are tagged in this post and I would love to read your Share The Love posts.

Firstly is BDP World written by Becca - She is soooo awesome and I absolutely love reading her blog, it's a mixture of fashion and beauty, with a heap load of funniness, Becca (from what I have read) is the type of person that you want to go for drinks with and I can imagine you having such a laugh!

Secondly is the absolutely lovely Sandra who writes The Beauty Balm. Sandra has such a great mix of posts, mainly beauty but also lots of life in general posts (as I like to call them) Sandra is one of the sweetest ladies I have spoken to online, always polite and just generally NICE!

And last but not least is Alice who writes Curiouser and Curiouser, I have been reading her blog alot recently and her reviews are second to non, she always gives honest and great reviews and I also love reading her haul posts (which she has alot of and I love)

Check out these wonderful blogs ladies, you will have some new fabulous reads.....

Who are you favourite bloggers, I would love to know?




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