Put Oil....In My Hair? No Thankyou.....

Well that was my first thought when the beauty world went wild for hair oils, I decided I was not putting any form of oil in my thick, dry, coarse hair, of corse my hair needs some sort of conditioning treatment after years of styling but not oil. No. Way.

Until today.....

I was sent a sachet of Ojon Damage Reverse hair oil by a friend I did a beauty swap with Joanne (who also writes a blog you can read it here). This may sound like a silly reason to try it out but I really liked the style and packaging.....

So I went on to read the back and it sounded too good to be true.

'Deeply treats and restores damaged hair.

Ritual: Apply directly onto dry hair.Scoop 1 to 1.5 teaspoons into the palm of hand. Warm between hands until it transforms into an oil.....'

This is what it looks like before warming.

'.....Distrobute evenly throughout hair and scalp. Repeat until fully saturated. Comb through and allow to penetrate for 20mins before rinsing and shampooing. For very damaged hair, apply gentle heat from a hairdryer for 5 mins and/or leave overnight.'

I didn't fancy leaving it on all night so decided, as my hair is quite damaged, to leave it for an hour.....

^^Me not too impressed with the greasy mess I have created. I didn't apply it to the roots even though it looks like I did, I got caught in the rain running home from work!

I have to say the smell is very intruiging, it reminds me of a coffee truffle from Thorntons (LOL) I can't decided whether I like the smell or not but it is not strong or an awful unbearable smell.

So, what did I make of it?

After washing it out I shampooed as directed and then dried.

I am shocked at how quickly my hair dried, it ususally takes me a good ten minutes to dry my thick hair and that time was halfed, my hair is still dry and frizzy but I suppose after one use the full benefits can't been seen, but what I can say is my hair is silky smooth with not a hint of oil/grease like I thought there would be after plastering oil all over my head!

I am definitly going to buy a full size of this which varies in price but is usually around £16-£32 depending on size, sounds expensive but after using it once and feeling the effects already I would like to try it out as a weekly treatment.

Do you use any hair oils?




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