Olay 25+ Nature Fusions Range.....

Recently I have been slightly obsessed with my signs of aging, silly I know as I am only 24 but while I was applying my eyeshadow about a month or so ago I noticed my skin on my eyelids had thinned quite alot and were looking, well, not as young as they used to.

That's when I had a bit of a worry and ran to my nearest Superdrug wanting to find a good quality, low price ani-wrinkle cream to put my mind at rest.....

So I chose this which is a fairly new range (I think) from Olay, this inparticular night cream is Nature Fusion for 25yrs+, Olay now do different ranges for different ages: Aqua Physics for 30yrs+, Classic for 40yrs+ and provital for 55yrs+. 

'Anti-wrinkle formula enhanced with natural anti-oxidants. With grape seed and ginseng extracts.'

I was excited to start slapping it on that evening, I have now been using it for a month and to be very honest I am not impressed. I find this cream extremely greasy on the skin and when I wake up in the morning I can feel it hasn't soaked in properly from the night before. Also I am not expecting miracles and I know products take a while to get to work but after 4 weeks+ I found my skin becoming greasier and it didn't look any better.

On the plus side it's smells delicious. It costs £12.19 in Superdrug for 50ml, I do think this is aimed at people with drier skin as my oily/combination skin did not take to it at all.

So I am moving onto my next cream which is a Simple cream, I will see how I get on with that one and report back in a few weeks.

What anti-aging product do you use if any?




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