Everyone loves a freebie so I thought I would list a few beauty related links to share with my fabulous readers!! In no way do I benefit from putting up these links, it just makes it easier for you to find them.

L'Oreal have jumped on the BB-Bandwagon, they have 200,000 samples to give away and I am very excited to test this out as I havn't found my perfect BB cream yet (well that's a lie I have but it's £36 for 30ml - Estee Lauder, and I just can't afford that right now) - Link here.

The next freebie is a brand I have never heard of until recently, Aloe King. They are giving away free samples of their Aloe Vera Gel. Link here.

YSL are bringing out a new foundation to match their famous Touch Eclat. The link will take you to their facebook page where you will sign up to be put on the waiting list for a FREE 7 DAY SAMPLE of the foundation which will launch on 21st June. Link here.
Escada are giving away perfume samples, simply take a personality test to see which perfume suits you best, this is a worldwide freebie. Link here.
Nivea are giving away a range of samples, all you have to do is explore the 'nature trail' and see what you find (I think there is face wipes and cream samples but it's pot luck) you also get multiple entries into a prize draw to win lots of goodies. Link here.

Dior are launching a new fragrance called Dior Addict Be Ionic and you can be the first to try it just enter your details on the Boots website. Link here.

Garnier are giving away samples of their anti-wrinkle cream, and it's a whopping 14 day sample! They have 225,000 to give away. Link here.

Remember to allow 28 days for delivery, some companies are quicker than others.

Have you found any good freebies recently?





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