Dr Bronners Magic Soaps.....

I have been meaning to post about this product for ages but when I moved house it dissapeared and I have now found it again!

Dr Bronners Magic Soap 18-in-1 Tea Tree pure-castille soap made with organic oils (bit of a mouthful!)

I bought this from a seller on Ebay who specialises in camping equiptment (I will explain) for around £3.00 for 50ml. Some people may remember this product from one of the beauty boxes many months ago but I never got it and heard great things about it.

Now it isn't a 'looker' of a product but it's what's inside that counts.

So what is it for I hear you ask? Well basically anything and everything, it apparently has 18+ uses, some of which I wouldn't try for example using it as a toothpaste (!), washing up with it, cleaning clothes with it, using it to clean your dentures....I could go on lol (hence being in the camping section).

But what I have been using it for is as a face wash, 1 drop foams up and cleanses your whole face and within a week of using it I noticed my blackheads had visibly reduced and also my skin was much less oily!

The picture below is to show you my usage after having it for months!!!

If you suffer from oily/combination skin I would highly recommend using this little product. I would definitly not use it if you have dry skin as you can physically feel your skin tighten after using it and drying it out (great for oily skin).

It comes in many different scents and varies in price depending where you buy it, but considering how long it lasts this is an absolute bargain at £3.00!!

Have you tried/heard of this product?




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