Maxfactor Fantasy Fire

So I am slightly behind with this hype but I had heard mixed reviews on the Maxfactor Fantasy Fire nail polish so thought I would get my hands on one.

The colour is just fabulous in the bottle but this is what it looks like when applied.

I was quite disappointed with how it looked when I applied one coat.

Two coats.

Three coats.

It took a whopping 4 coats to become almost opaque which I didn't like at all, the shade however is amazingly beautiful with a warm glitter running through it. As the bottle is a small bottle you would use this up in no time at all but it only costs £2.99 which is a very reasonable price. My nails don't like to dry when I use lots of coats so I will be selling this on my blog sale (click on the tab above to have a little shop).

Have you tried this polish out yet?



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