Maxfactor Fantasy Fire

So I am slightly behind with this hype but I had heard mixed reviews on the Maxfactor Fantasy Fire nail polish so thought I would get my hands on one.

The colour is just fabulous in the bottle but this is what it looks like when applied.

I was quite disappointed with how it looked when I applied one coat.

Two coats.

Three coats.

It took a whopping 4 coats to become almost opaque which I didn't like at all, the shade however is amazingly beautiful with a warm glitter running through it. As the bottle is a small bottle you would use this up in no time at all but it only costs £2.99 which is a very reasonable price. My nails don't like to dry when I use lots of coats so I will be selling this on my blog sale (click on the tab above to have a little shop).

Have you tried this polish out yet?



  1. I think this is more of a layering polish, maybe try it over a purple or dark blue polish? x

  2. Aw that's a little disappointing, but the shade really is so pretty x

  3. I won one and while it's nice I don't like painting 4 coats on either but I've heard it's good over other polishes

  4. I have it and one coat over a navy or a vampy burgundy brings it to life, all the gold and green and reds come out. I actually almost put mine on ebay, as I'd grabbed it in the shop and done a little victory dance at actually finding it within a week of all hype starting, then got home and looked at this bluey purple and thought I don't realllllly like this colour. So glad I tried it over a wine colour to see it on before deciding.

  5. I've seen loooads of people use it over different nail varnishes, over black it looks fantastic!

  6. I think once you achieve opacity with this polish, the colour is gorgeous! I've been debating whether to pick one up for a while but I always refrain because it is such a dark colour and would rather buy lighter ones for the current seasons haha!

    Frances xx

  7. I love your blog! I have given you an award on my blog xx

  8. Hey lovely,
    Just wondered as you haven't been on Facebook, did you get my easter swap package ok?! Do let me know!
    Kayleigh x

  9. This post is what prompted me to give you this little blogger award :) It's refreshing to find someone who isn't just following the hype and gives an honest opinion on that 'must-have' product.

  10. Hi! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :) Check it out on my blog ~

    Yaz xx

  11. Hey hun I've awarded you The Laine Blogger Award xx

  12. Hi! Just came across your blog through another and am now a follower :)

    Love the colour of the polish but it is annoying that you have to layer it so many times but yes...maybe layering over other colours would look great as suggested!


  13. Such a pretty colour ...once its layered! ..hope all is going well in your new home ...hope you don't mind I have tagged you in my blog of beauty tag :)

  14. The final result is nice.
    I am one of your followers, I hope you can follow back.

  15. Too bad it's so sheer, what a lovely color!! :)


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