Back To Normality (Well Almost)

How did the big move go?
Well if I am truly honest the 200 mile journey was stress free but now I am here it is totally different to where I was living, city life is taking sometime to get used too, finding a new job is becoming super stressful, apparently the only jobs available are part time jobs which is not for me. So I am desperate for some stress relief, I am trying everything and anything - pampering myself with expensive face masks and drinking herbal teas!

Blogging will resume as normal very soon, having no internet is driving me mad but my purse is enjoying a break from internet shopping!

I have another guest post tomorrow so make sure you have a read.

Any stress busting tips for me?



  1. Pamper yourself as much as possible lady! Give yourself a spoiling!


  2. I think that is definitly much needed, I didn't realise how stressful it would all be ha!


  3. Bless you Hun. Moving is a nightmare. Enjoy a good pamper as I'm sure you will have a fab job v v v soon:))

    Take care, Maria xxx

  4. Moving is one of the most stressful things! When I get stressed I do a little bit of meditation which works wonders x


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