Want White Teeth? On A Budget?

A bit of a different post today about toothpaste, this is a beauty filled blog and we all want beautiful teeth right?!

When I received February's Carmine box we got a little extra inside, a sample tube of White Glo toothpaste. I thought this was a great little extra and was a welcome change to most beauty boxes supplying us with copious amounts of lotions! So I tested it out for a week and honestly noticed my teeth looking whiter, it reminded of Arm&Hammer toothpaste, minty yet not over powering.....

Since I have quit smoking (3 months and counting) I have become a crazy tea lady drinking tons of the stuff so I chose the 'Tea & Coffee Drinker White Glo'.

Usually when I buy toothpaste I buy whatever is on buy one get one free so usually spend around £2.00? White Glo costs £4.07 from Boots, this may seem a little steep but you get.....

A 100ml tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush and some little dental flosser toothpicks, so I think £4.07 is a reasonable price!

I am going to do an update in a few weeks about how i'm getting on with it, but after using my sample from Carmine my teeth felt a lot cleaner and stains were starting to fade so I have high hopes for this product.

What toothpaste do you use? Cheap and cheerful or expensive stuff?



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