theBalm FRATBOY Blush

theBalm is a brand I have never used until last week when I was sent a Carmine box (I will review that separately) and Carmine had variations on there boxes which when I saw the variations wanted the box I didn't get, but I got to try this....

Fratboy Shadow Blush Full Sized 8.5g £16.00.

theBalm products have a fun retro feel to they and are very kitsch! Personally I wouldn't use this shade as a eyeshadow but alot of theBalms's products are said to be 'multi-use'. The shade is a fab rosy daytime shade for me, I put it on at 7am this morning and I can still see it now (5pm).

I have read some reviews about this in particular blush, saying that the pigmentation isn't great which really really shocks me as a when I applied it a little went a long way and it has lasted for ages!

Fratboy has made me want to try more of theBalm range, you can buy from many different stockists but I know Feel Unique do FREE delivery at the moment.

Have you tried theBalm? Any product recommendations?



  1. I haven't tried any of these products, but they do look good!! :)


  2. I love this blush, it really suits my pale skin! :)

  3. I've been wanting the nude tude palette from this company for AGES but every single UK website is sold out and doesnt look like they'll be restocking, been checking since decmber :( I bought the carmine box a few days ago because i wanted this blush so really hope i get it!

    Rachael x

  4. I can't wait to try more of theBalm either girls! It's such good quality (well this blush certainly is!)


  5. I got this is in my Carmine box as well, I love it such a nice blush :)


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