My Quest For Clearer Skin - Part 1 - Garnier Blackhead Clearing Scrub

I will be writing different parts to 'My quest for clearer skin' as recently my skin has been quite naughty and I keep breaking out with spots, also as I work around animals for 80% of my day I get quite oily skin causing blackheads YUK!

Part 1 - Garnier blackhead clearing scrub - You can buy this from various places and it retails for around the £4.00 mark.

I have been using this for over a week now and I have mixed opinions on it. The beads inside are quite large which I find quite hard to get a good scrub from them, but as this scrub contains tea tree it has a lovely cooling feel to it.....

The strange thing about this scrub is after using it and drying my face I had a hot burning sensation on my face, this did go away after 5 minutes or so but it also made my face very red, again this went down but I would definitely not recommend this for people with sensitive skin!

Overall it reduced the appearance of blackheads but did nothing for spot marks as it claims. It's a nice refreshing wash but I won't be repurchasing as the burning sensation has put me right off it. My quest continues......

Have you tried this?



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