Guest Post #3 - Stamps The Way I Like It

The next of my guest bloggers is Becca who writes BDP World. Becca always makes me LOL as well as keeping me up to date on all the beauty tips and tricks with a mix of life in general, she is a very talented writer and has a great sense of humour!

Stamps the way I like it!

Five tips for getting the best result out of your Konad, Bundlemonster and Red Angel stamping plates...

1.) Acetone is king! For cleaning the plate, scraper and stamping tool, you need a nail polish remover with acetone in it (my favourite is Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover) as it gives you better stamps all round: sharper outlines and a better ‘lift’ when transferring from plate to stamper.

2.) Set up your workspace! This photo shows how I like to have my Konad ‘station’ on a tray on  a table. It is important to set up your clean-up stuff in advance. I use polish remover-soaked pads and have a small lid of remover and cotton buds for smaller clean-ups (removing unwanted bits of pattern from the stamper).


3.) Know thy polishes! There will be no point painting your nails and setting up your stamping set if you have chosen the wrong polish for stamping. It might be a good idea to do a test-run on a piece of paper (though obviously it won’t turn out exactly as it would on the nail) but I generally tend to use the rule of thumb that if it’s not a one-coater or a metallic, it may well not be up to the job. Of course, the polish world is infinite, but I won’t go trying to get a great result printing a neon orange on top of a black base, as it won’t work. You do not have to just use Konad stamping polishes (though I enjoy their black and white polishes) and I have done a small list of my favourite stamping polishes.

4.) Time is of the essence! From placing the polish on the clean plate, to scraping, to picking up on the stamper, you don’t have long. Once the design has transferred onto the stamper, you’ve got a minute, max, to place it on the nail. If you dilly dally around, you’ll lose some of the design, or it just won’t transfer at all. 

5.) Build a wall! OK, maybe not a wall, but I always put a coat of quick-dry topcoat on top of the base colour before stamping. This provides you with a bit of insurance if the stamping goes wrong: you can (very, very quickly) swipe the failed stamp off the nail without having to repaint the base too. It also helps the stamped design to ‘stick’ and dries it quickly.
I don’t consider myself an expert, but I do think I’ve stamped enough times to know, vaguely, what I’m talking about! I love nail stamping, as it allows me, with my very limited ‘skills’, to sport some seriously gorgeous nail art and get do smug nodding when people go “oooh, did you do that yourself!?”

As well as these tips, which are all about the how-to, I would say that my main tip is just to have fun with it. Nail art is, in itself, a fun thing to do, and it’s nice (especially if your job is as boring as mine...) to be able to look down during the day and see some cheeky nails. That’s why, for the pics in this post, I’ve gone for a spunky tiger-print and pineapple design. At the end of the day, it takes 10 minutes, once you’re good, to stamp all your nails, and if you don’t like it you can take it off and start again, so just have fun with it!

My fave stamping polishes: China Glaze Passion, Andrea Fullerton Paris, most Nails Inc polishes (especially Warwick Way and Malibu Collection Cosmopolitan), Stargazer silver chrome, Color Club Explosive and Rimmel Pulsating. I am yet to find a very good red polish for stamping, and have found that if you want a really crisp, good black or white polish, you’re probably best off buying the Konad polishes.

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