Guest Post #2 - Daisy Nails

The second of my guest posts is from the lovely Soph who writes Love Louise. Soph's blog is extremely pretty and very profesional. Her post is about nails art (when I read it I had to test it out myself and it looks FAB!).

Daisy Nails

 Hey Girls!
My names Soph from over at lovelouise, and i'm doing a guest post for Em today! 
Seeing as it was the first day of spring a couple of days ago, I thought I'd do a spring themed NOTD for you all! Its reeeeally easy to do, and works on short nails too... *turns away* So, this is the look I came up with!

Daisy nails! Sorry they're not that neat...
And here's the nail polishes i used...

Barry M; Mint Green, Lemon Ice Cream, Matt White and Clear.
 So, here's how to do it!

Paint your nails first with a basecoat, then with the Mint Green.

With a nail dotting tool (or a bobby pin, hair grip, cocktail stick, whatever) Dot on two dots diagonal to each other using the Lemon Ice Cream polish. Your design can vary, for most of my nails I did the same.

Again, with the dotting tool, kind of dot then drag the 'petals' of the daisy using the white around the yellow dots! Seriously, it may sound hard, but i am a complete amateur, and if i can do it, then a child can probably do it! And, the finished look...

Ta-Dah! Incredibly easy to do!I've had so many compliments wearing these, and for a nail novice like me, it was surprisingly easy to do! 
Why don't you give it a go, and tell me how it goes? Do you like this look?
Soph xo

Please check out Soph's blog



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