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I have to admit I had never even heard of Andrea Fulerton until I received my February Carmine box but after a quick search on google for some information about where it is sold I did in fact recognise the brand, seeing it in my local Superdrug but I had never purchased anything from the range.

In the February Carmine box I received the shade Paris which is a hot pink.

This is a full sized 5.5ml bottle, I really like the shape of the bottle it's different to any other I have seen with a sleek black lid. The colour is super vibrant!

One thing I wasn't so keen on is the shape of the brush, it's just a bog standard brush where as I much prefer the brushes with a round edge I find them so much easier to apply the polish and makes it easier to reach the edges of the nail, but this is down to my personal preference and for the bargainous price of £4.99 who am I to moan!
I was very impressed that the polish is opaque on my nails in one coat (always a huge plus), after 24 hours wear I had no chips - my job is very hands on so polishes don't usually last long on my nails, and when I removed it there was no staining to my nails.

You can buy Andrea Fulerton polishes from Superdrug for £4.99 or the Andrea Fulerton website. If I visited my local Superdrug and wanted a new polish, I would definitely go for Andrea Fulerton over other high street lines.

Have you tried anything from the Andrea Fulerton range?



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    1. It's fab isn't it! I am going through a pink everything phase at the moment lol!


  2. I love this nail polish I have it in "Naomi" also, which is a gorgeous dusky pink beige and I've been wearing it now 5 days and just started to wear away on the edge of the nail rather than chip.
    Definately recommend it and will be trying other colours.
    Love the blog by the way :) xx

    1. Aaaww thankyou Karen. Naomi sounds gorgeous, I will have to keep my eye open for that shade!


  3. I got one of these in my Carmine box too but mine was a sparkly pink and now I absolutely love them. I really don't need anymore polishes (and luckily my local Superdrug doesn't sell them) but now I want all of them! This one's a lovely colour too though!

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  5. I got the sparkly pink one too, was really impressed by the colour, coverage and staying power! Will definitely be repurchasing :)

  6. love this barbie pink colour

  7. Wow! Such a bright pink! Xx


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