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OMG My little blog has been viewed 30,000 times, I can't believe it! I started this blog for fun and to share my thoughts with like minded people and to think people enjoy reading what I have to say is something very special to me.

I am having so much fun blogging and it's down to my lovely readers and fellow bloggers! So as my way of saying thank you I am holding this giveaway.

The Prize?

I wanted to give away something that everyone would use and something that should be an essential for anyone's makeup bag, so I decided on......

Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit.

I have to admit I never used to put much effort into my brows, I would pluck them and that would be that but I love the groomed look and groomed brows are a must!

The kit comes in 3 shades (light, medium and dark) so the winner can chose the shade best suited to them. The kit contains:

Pigmented wax for shaping 1.7g Net wt. 0.06 oz

Natural-shaded powder for setting 2.65g Net wt. 0.09 oz.

Discreet tweezers

Hard angle brush

Blending brush


Complete lesson

How To Enter
1. You must be a follower via Google Friend Connect and comment below with your GFC name so I can check.

2. You must comment below on what type of posts of mine you enjoy reading the most or what you would like to see more of.

Both 1 + 2 must be done to qualify for 1 entry.

(If you don't do both your entry will not be counted so please check)

Optional Entry: For an extra entry you can follow me on Twitter and tweet:

@emsmixedbag1 is having an amazing Brow Zings Benefit giveaway for reaching 30,000 page views - http://www.emsmixedbag.blogspot.co.uk/ Giveaway tab!

Please make sure you leave a contact email address or Twitter name so I can contact you if you win.

My regular readers will know I am moving house next week so this giveaway will run for just under 2 weeks (gives me time to get organised). Closing date will be Friday 6th April 2012 at 6pm and a winner will be announced soon after.

Thank you to ALL of my readers!!

Good Luck.



  1. Congrats on 30,000 views hun!
    I would love to enter please!
    Of course i already follow you - GFC: Miss Holly
    Email: bo.yeexox@gmail.com

    Tweeted and follow on twitter to: @missholly_xo

    - I love reading your reviews, i think they are my favourite, i would love to see more hauls to i love having a good old snoop at what people buy :)

    Thank you hun!

  2. Well done on the 30,000 views Em!
    I'd love to enter!
    My GFC is Soph (I'm doing a guest post on your blog soon:P)
    My email is: sophs.style@gmail.com

    I tweeted and I followed on twitter- lovelouise1

    Hmmm, I love all your posts! My favourites though, well its not really a post, but i love your real vs fake tab! I was that close to buying a benefit fake on ebay, and your tab saved me, as i then realised it was a fake! Post wise, i love reading hauls because i love reading what other people buy haha;D

    Thanks! Soph xoxo

  3. Congrats!!!
    gfc: mojemakaze
    email: mojemakaze@yahoo.com
    I enjoy reading your reviews.

    twitter: @mojemakaze
    tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/mojemakaze/status/183668698182189057

  4. Well done on all the pageviews :-)
    I love your freebie posts the best!
    GFC- Dragon Mommy

    Holli x

  5. Great giveaway! Congrats!
    gfc - Beauty Balm
    I love reading haul posts and reviews x

  6. yay!
    my gfc name is Boho Vanity
    email is bohovanity@gmail.com

    i like your reviews the best :) xx
    my blog: boho vanity

  7. GFC: Zelle ♥

    I like makeup reviews the most :)

  8. joined @GFC: dorothy lam / dorzidor?!?!
    twitted dorzidor

    love your reviews~ and the disount notices~~~ would like to read more haul stuff an dyou favourites :)

  9. Fab giveaway :)

    Following as Katie... tweeted - @Little_KT_

    I love beauty/makeup review posts


    .... congrats on so many blog views too!

  10. Hi Emma!
    Congratulations with your page views :)
    My GFC name is Tanya Jones I beleive :D and my email address is tane4kacol@bk.ru

    I love reading your reviews, I think you give so much information about products that are very helpful, I feel you put a lot of eefort into them.

    I would love to see posts with make up of the day or something like that :) xx

    Thank you for your gnirousity xx
    Tanya xx

  11. I love reading reviews, they are very helpful!
    I tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/olgap77/status/183976745521786882
    twitter @olgap77

  12. GFC Leigh
    Love reading reviews of beauty boxes
    Great blog

  13. Hi Congratulations
    Your blog is very interesting and informative.

  14. sashka-young (GFC)

    Love reading product reviews, congrats on the views!



  15. great giveaway
    i love haul posts :)
    following gfc beauty fiend

  16. Love your product reviews :)
    GFC Steph
    email steph_m1990@yahoo.com
    Twitter xx_Steph09_xx

  17. Hi Emma, congrats!
    gfc name: Melita Jagodić
    e-mail: melita.kresic@gmail.com
    I love reading your reviews and also your simple and likable style of writing your posts.
    (& sorry if my english is not that great, I hope you'd get the point ;)

    following you on Twitter as @tomel611
    tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/tomel611/status/184696599254024192

  18. Congratulations on the page views!
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    I am a follower via Google Friend Connect and my GFC name is Kris Beauty
    What type of posts of yours I enjoy reading the most: the reviews
    I follow you on Twitter @Kris_Beauty and I tweeted:
    Email: mybeautytags (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. Congatulations for the pages views!
    I follow u through GFC and I am PrincesaGr
    I also follow you on twitter (PrincesaGr) and twetted


  20. Congrats on your 30,000 views. Fab giveaway. I follow you on GFC and my GFC name is Joanne Dummigan. I love reading all your reviews, gives me a better idea what good products r out there. You can contact me through twitter @Jo_d13 or email me on joannedummigan@hotmail.com

  21. I love reading your reviews
    gfc: nagrade
    email: allthegiveaways@gmail.com

    I follow you on Twitter @nagradne_igre

  22. I love reading product reviews
    GFC name Leigh
    email addres leigh.wareing@virgin.net

  23. i am following on GFC Aimee Bradley, i like to see reviews please hun

    aimee@dream1ncolour.com xxxx @dream1ncolour


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