Nude Lipsticks - Rimmel Nude Delight

I recently posted about my new MAC lipstick in shade Lovelorn (which you can read here) and I asked all of you what shade I should try next, popular shades were Hug Me, Hue and Myth, so I went online and had a look at them and thought they were all too nude for me.

I then found this at the bottom of my makeup bag and gave it a try.

This is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in shade Nude Delight.

Here is some swatches with and without the flash.....

I still didn't really think Nudes would suit me after swatching it, but I couldn't have been more wrong, I love it.

I am so glad I found this in my makeup bag and will definitly be using it more often! It is a glossy finish with peach undertones, it's very pretty and doesn't wash my face out at all (like I thought it would).

Have you ever found something that you once disliked and now love?



  1. Love it, suits you really well :-)

    Holli x

  2. i live by this!!!! SO similar to MAC creme d'nude!


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    1. I havn't used Rimmel lipstick for ages! Glad I found it!


  4. I wouldn't trust the swatches on the MAC website. Have you tried looking at the lipsticks swatches on other peoples blogs? I thought nudes wouldn't suit me but I am in love with Hue!

    1. I never go off the website colours I always google for swatches, you are right they never look the same!


  5. that happens to me all the time. this is so pretty & looks lovely on you xx
    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  6. I've got Myth and Hue. I can tell you straight away Myth is as peachy as Rimmerl but very much lighter, concealr type nude. I only wear Myth with smokey eye, otherwise it washes me out. Hue is pinker than Rimmel, but still peachy pink, you may like it more, Hue is much darker than Muth as well. MAC hug me will be much darker than Rimmel and pinkier. Hug me is a lustre finish so it will have same formula as Lovelorn you recently purchased.

    There ar difefrent shade nudes :) maybe you need to check out more pink nudes, think Honeylove(matte), Please me(matte) from Mac..) Honeylove is a bige pink and please me is more pink. :)From drugstore brands I can recommend Boots 17 brand Beehive lipstick, I really recommend you to try this one. I have a swatch of it in my blog, it will look more nude on the hand but on the lips is pinkier. The colour on you lips will depend on your lip pigmentation, it has similar formula to lustre formula from MAC :) xx

  7. so lovely!! :)

  8. I think I have this lipstick too, but I've not worn it before. It looks really pretty on you though, maybe I should reconsider and wear it. xx

  9. Suits you so well. Nice... :)
    Do drop by my blog sometime and would love it if you follow too.
    I've following you for quite sometime now... :)
    Deborah Milano FOTD - Fashion Panache

  10. I love this lipstick! Looks especially good with a tan xx


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