Nicki Minaj OPI - Save Me.....

Source - Buyapowa.

As you all probably know Nicki Minaj has collaborated with OPI to create a fun range of polishes so when I saw these I had to have them, I bought this set from Buyapowa for a bargain price of £12.00 RRP £21.00.

Metalic 4 Life (left) & Save Me (right).

I have to say I am not too keen on Metalic 4 Life (even though I have read rave reviews about it, it's just not for me) so I am selling it on my blog sale but I absolutely LOVE Save Me..... 

Save Me if FULL of glitter in all different shapes and sizes, it is so hard to photography it is that glittery, it reflects the light beautifuly, I have used false nails to take photographs as it was so much easier than taking pictures of it on my real nails!

These pictures were taken after 2 coats but you could keep building it up for more intese glitter, I think 3 coats would be enough. 

I know I will use this for most nights out it's just so stunning!!!

Have you tried any of the Nicki Minaj collection yet?




  1. I liked them, but I'm currently not in a glitter phase... still maybe I should pick them up because one day I'll be craving some serious sparkle :)

    1. I had 'gone off' glitter but as soon as I put this on I fell in love with it :)


  2. ohhh sparkly... i need !!!
    its like a cross between barry m once upon a time and opi's crown me already

    Will deffo be keeping an eye out for this baby :)

    -kasie x

  3. I'm wearing 'save me' over a lilac base right now and I love it. Really like 'Metallic 4 life' but wanted pretty nails at the moment. The sparkle is amazing, glad I don't have to photograph it though :)

  4. I need the "Save Me" polish! I'm in love with it! Nicki Minaj can basically do no wrong... haha



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